Rowing Machine Accessories (Top 5 Reviews)

Wishing to stay fit at home, you made the smart choice of going with a rowing machine! Good for you, you have probably discovered that indoor rowing gives you the benefit of a full body workout; plus, these are absolutely fantastic as they provide the same cardio high from running, but without the impact of your possibly aching feet. So all you need now is some great rowing machine accessories to go along.

A single stroke on the rowing machine works your quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, arms, and back muscles. Therefore a rowing machine is an excellent device to increase your heart rate and get you into the fat burn zone. If you want to promote all-around fitness, the rowing machine and the best rowing machine accessories you can get your hands to should be your only choice.

Why is there a need to spend even more of your hard-earned money on indoor rowing accessories, you may ask? Well, rower accessories are great because of the fact that they can help you customize your workouts; by doing this, you will be able to reach your goals more efficiently. Especially if you are new to rowing, having rowing machine accessories will positively contribute to your indoor rowing experience, making it a whole lot more comfortable.

Whether you are a rowing newbie or a veteran, you can’t deny the fact that indoor rowing offers several benefits because it serves as a whole body workout. Now imagine taking these benefits to another level with rowing machine accessories! If you have little idea about these accessories, this is your lucky day. Continue reading and find out more.

Rowing Machine Accessories Reviewed In This Guide

  1. Best Overall Rowing Machine Accessories: Polar Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker
  2. Best Seller on Amazon Rowing Machine Accessories: Contraband Pink Rowing Gloves
  3. Best Affordable Rowing Machine Accessories: Impresa Rowing Machine Chain Oil
  4. Best Silicone Rowing Machine Accessories: Silicone Smartphone Cradle
  5. Best Seat Cushion Rowing Machine Accessories: Rowing Machine Seat Cushion

How To Choose The Perfect Rowing Machine Accessories?

When you are on the hunt for rowing machine accessories, you need to identify important features. Understanding key terminology will help you make the best decision, as these extras will help you get the most out of your equipment.

These may look like small details that, for many people, can go unnoticed until they have them in their hands. You do not want this to happen to you, as you may end up unhappy with your choice.

When searching for rower accessories, keep in mind though you may end up spending a little extra, in the long run, it pays to invest in a high-quality product such as rowing machine chain oil, or how about lightweight synthetic clothing with some kind of moisture / fast drying technology instead of cotton.

Additionally, you must remember that hydration is key to any kind of physical activity. When rowing with high intensity or for a longer duration, you must compensate for the liquid you lose when sweating heavily. Buy a nice water bottle that is easy to clean, fill, and does not leak.

If you’re serious about indoor rowing accessories, you also want to focus on smart gadgets like a heart rate sensor. You can pair a compatible chest belt with your PM5 and display your heart rate on the monitor. Compatible chest belts with a heart rate transmitter must use ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart

Other rowing machine accessories you may want to consider include wireless music and the use of a memory stick for the PM5 performance monitor. You might like to listen to motivational music when doing your workout but do not want to disturb your surroundings.

The solution could be a wireless headphone paired to your phone with your favorite playlist. You have to select a product that is designed to withstand sweating.

Other items you may want to have around are a heavy-duty non-slip mat to protect your floors from scratches, chain oil, and, most importantly, sweat. And how about an alternative seat and gloves to prevent blisters in your hands.

Types Of Rowing Machine Accessories

Basic/Essential Rowing Machine Accessories

These refer to accessories everyone who has a rowing machine should have on hand to do an effective workout.
After rowing for a few sessions, users may realize they need a few items to make their sessions more comfortable, like a seat pad or rowing machine gloves. Basic rowing machine accessories are required, while advanced accessories are just used to enhance the rowing experience.

  • Chain Oil: Once you buy a rowing machine, you need to do routine maintenance for it to function properly. You need to get chain oil to keep the rower chain well lubricated.
    Some rowing machine brands will come with chain oil or lube that you can use.
  • Cleaning Kit: If you have an older rowing machine, you’ll need to constantly clean it for stubborn marks and rust. For this, you can use regular cleaners to wipe the external parts of your machine. You can also use a bicycle chain cleaning kit to remove any stains.
  • Floor Mat: Floor mats can prevent the rowing machine from damaging the floors. A floor mat adds extra protection to your floor and ensures that it will not move while working out.
  • Seat Pad: When working out with a rowing machine, your lower back, thigh muscles, and glutes are pushed to the limits. For comfort, you should get a seat pad that cushions your behind to reduce the numbing session when rowing.
  • Gloves: It’s quite easy to hurt your hands when rowing. Gloves will protect your hands and make your workout sessions comfortable. With a quality pair, you can protect your hands from forming blisters.
  • Proper Clothing: Wearing the proper clothing is the first step in getting motivation for a workout. Ensure that the clothes fit perfectly to make your sessions more comfortable.
  • Rowing Shoes: Apart from the clothing, you also need the right shoes for rowing. All your shoes may not be ideal for rowing; therefore, you need to look for the best shoe options to keep you comfortable.

Advanced Rowing Machine Accessories

As users get more experience, they may want to add some more advanced accessories like a heart rate monitor or slides. As you can tell, these more advanced accessories aren’t for everyone who hasn’t reached a certain level.

  • USB Stick: A USB stick such as SanDisk 128GB is important if you use a rowing machine to work out because it stores data about your fitness journey. You can add information about your calories, stroke rate, watts, and pace.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: A heart rate monitor helps gauge the workout’s intensity. If you monitor your heart rate as you row, you can easily know when you are undertraining or overtraining. For workouts involving heart rate equipment, go for chest straps that come with Bluetooth connectivity. This is ideal because it’s more comfortable and does not interfere with the workout session.
  • Rowing Slides: Slides will make your indoor rowing experience feel like an outdoor experience. The experience feels like rowing on water when you wear these rowing slides. In addition, they’ll also help you get your stroke rate higher.
  • Smartphone Cradle: Smartphones are important in every aspect of our daily lives. Therefore, you can get a smartphone cradle to secure your phone when working out. The cradle you buy should perfectly fit your machine’s handles to avoid falling when working out.

Rowing Machine Accessories List

1. Polar Heart Rate Sensor Rowing Machine Accessories


  • Strong Battery Life
  • Advanced Technology


  • It Stretches Out

What We Like:

What We Don’t Like:

Bluetooth Smart technology provides live, accurate heart rate to compatible mobile training apps. These rowing machine accessories are waterproof and also compatible with all Apple iPhones, iPads, and Android Devices.

Gym Link connects Polar heart rate monitors and activity trackers with compatible gym equipment. For those who want to count the calories they burn and get basic heart rate-based features to keep their fitness training simple.

Hook up the Polar H7 heart rate sensor to Polar Beat and get an accurate heart rate on your mobile phone. Heart rate-based training allows you to train at the right intensity, avoid under and overtraining and reach your goals faster.

What Our Testers Say

I had a much older Polar FT1 watch/training computer with a sealed one-piece coded heart rate sensor/chest band. After many years of service, it finally decided it had enough. I needed a decent and reliable replacement; my last Polar watch and sensor did so well that I immediately looked Polar up again and found the H7 at a reasonable price.

Certainly happy with this H7, but I will need to get used to using it with the Polar app on a tablet or phone instead of a watch; for what I need it for, that’s just fine, however. I would happily recommend and rate it 5/5.

Unlock the next fitness level with Polar H7 and our premium Polar Smart Coaching features.


Keep the heart rate sensor in a cool, dry place. Do not store the heart rate sensor wet in non-breathable material to prevent snap oxidation. Also, don’t expose the heart rate sensor to direct sunlight for extended periods.

2. Contraband Pink Gloves rower accessories


  • Grip-Lock Padding
  • Machine Washable
  • Leather


  • For Women Only
  • Hands Get Hot
  • No Traction

Just the right amount of padding for machines and free weights. Heavier padding will protect the hands more but can make objects harder to grip. Light to Medium padding is a great choice for most typical exercises.

Easy to grab tabs on the fingers make removing the gloves simple. Have nails? No problem! Grab the finger tabs between your fingers, and the gloves will wiggle right off.

What Our Testers Say

It fits my small-sized hands (hence I went with small.) I was deciding on xs since I’m a small person myself. But I have no regrets about taking the time to measure my hands for fit. A bonus reason I love these: this has two tabs on the palm area on two fingers that allow you to pull off your gloves easily and swiftly. This is it if you’re looking for awesome gloves worthy of intense gym training.

Silicone rubber beads on the glove palm provide a high traction surface. If you feel the gloves slipping, try cleaning the palm with dish liquid mixed with water to remove oils and restore the grip.


Hand washing is recommended to prevent damage but if you do prefer machine wash, use a nylon mesh bag to protect the gloves from other items that may damage the gloves.

3. Impresa Chain Oil Rowing Machine Accessories


  • Premium Custom-Formulation
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Compatible with Major Brand


  • Not Easy To Apply

This is among the must-have rowing machine accessories. Unlike other generic oils, our rowing machine chain oil is custom-formulated for rowing machine use.

This chain oil provides anti-wear / anti-corrosion protection, lubricates your chain, and helps to reduce the accumulation of dust and other gunk.

Rowing machines often represent a major investment for home / commercial gyms. Ensure that investment lasts by extending the life of your chain and protecting your rowing machine

Impresa Rowing Machine Chain Oil is Compatible with an array of makes and models, including Concept2 (TM) / Concept 2 Models A, B, C, D, and E, Sunny Health (TM) SF-RW5515, Stamina ATS (TM), Merax (TM) and other chain-based rowing machines.

What Our Testers Say

Works great for my Concept2 rower. The wheels were squeaking a lot, but after I applied the oil, it’s like new.

How To Use Impresa Chain Oil Rowing Machine Accessories

  1. Daily/Each Use: Wipe the monorail with a non-abrasive cloth/pad after each use, optionally using soap/water or glass cleaner. Do Not Use Acids, bleaches, or abrasive cleaners.
  2. Every 50 Hours / Weekly (With High Use) – Lubricate the chain with a teaspoon of rowing machine chain oil by applying the oil to a paper towel and rubbing I along the length of the chain.

4. Smartphone Cradle Rowing Machine Accessories


  • Fits Most Smartphones
  • Easy to Use
  • Snugly Fit


  • Compatible Only With Concept2 Accessories

The ribs in the phone holder are designed to support the phone and prevent the power and volume buttons from being pressed. This is the product that’s been missing from your workout.

Make your workouts more enjoyable by watching videos on your smartphone while you row, bike, or ski! These are concept 2 accessories that are compatible with the Concept 2 Rowing Machine, SkiErg, and BikeErg PM5 monitors.

What Our Testers Say

This is exactly what I needed so I could track my rowing with my iPhone. It slides onto the display perfectly without any wiggle or movement – even when I’m rowing hard for my time trials! Also, I really like that I can just keep it attached to the C2 when I’m done.

My iPhone X fits snugly into its grip, so it won’t slide out or falter, giving me a perfect live view of my tracking app. And since it’s landscape style, I can keep charging, and the cable doesn’t get in the way. Awesome product; I just wish I would have found it sooner! If you have a Concept 2 rower, you need this!

The phone holder is made of silicone. Fits even the largest smartphones with protective cases. The cradle can be stretched 4″ to fit most devices. Extra large phones might not fit with a thick phone case. It will also fit smaller smartphones.

The silicone smartphone holder slides on top of the compatible Concept2 PM5 monitor and fits snugly.


Due to its silicon construction easy to clean as well. And it is small enough to store in my workout bag.

5. Seat Cushion rower accessories


  • Breathable Fabric
  • Anti-Slip Technology
  • Compatible


  • Doesn’t Attach

This black seat cushion is part of the concept 2 accessories and is designed to have the exact specifications of the Concept 2 rowing machine’s seat in mind – so it’s a perfect, snug fit. It also fits on the WaterRower, HydRow, and more.

The cushion’s bottom side is covered with a new, strong anti-slip fabric, so it can stay in place even during intense workouts.

The cushion’s core consists of polyurethane foam, making it soft enough to provide comfort but firm enough to support you during your exercise session.

What Our Testers Say

Great purchase! I bought my Concept2 back in June and have used it every day since. My old backside would get a little achy after 45 min workouts, so I thought I’d try this. What a difference a little squish makes! I love the fact that it stays put without any adhesives. It’s not too thick that you’d need to adjust your technique. The increased comfort lets you work out longer.

This rowing machine seat cushion during your workouts will help prevent pain and discomfort, even after multiple daily rowing exercise sessions.


All you have to do is wipe it down with a wet cloth and let it dry.

indoor rowing accessories Buying Guide

What Are Rowing Machine Accessories?

Indoor rowing has turned into one of the most popular fitness machines globally. They’re great for staying active, building muscle, toning your body, and burning fat.

Famous for providing a great full-body workout, accessories are really what help you maximize all these benefits. Rowing machine accessories include a set of attachments that are compatible with a specific machine model or brand.

Various types of accessories are at your disposal when customizing a rowing machine and its surrounding area.

How Do Rowing Machine Accessories Work?

When you combine a rowing machine with accessories, you can turn it into an all-in-one fitness hub. These accessories can save you money from going to the gym if you already have a rowing machine at home.

A rowing machine attachment set can add a new variation to your workouts, helping you achieve your goals faster.

Features To Look For In Rowing Machine Accessories


Depending on the type of accessory you’re using, you’ll want to ensure that it’s compatible with the rowing machine you’ll use. If you want to get different handles for the rower, first make sure they can have interchangeable handles.

Some rowers can only use the handle with which they’re built. If you want to get a softer or thicker cushion, first make sure that it is the proper size to fit on the machine, as getting the wrong size can result in sliding and discomfort.

Type of accessory

If you just want to spice things up and add different handles, then various types of handles can target different muscle groups and make workouts more intense.

There are different types of cushions built to fit most rowing machines but will use better materials and design than the original cushion built with the rower.

If you have hardwood, marble, and other types of hard floor surfaces in your home, rower mats can be great to help prevent the machine from damaging the floor when in use. You can find other accessories that will work for a rower, as long as it’s suitable for the machine and yourself.

Easy maintenance

If you’re getting rowing machine accessories such as handles, you’ll want to have ones that use durable and sturdy materials that won’t break down quickly, especially if you use the rower frequently.

Handles that use metal should use materials that won’t make them rusty easily. If the accessory is a mat, ensure you can easily clean it by wiping it down with a non-harsh cleaner.


Rowing machine accessories can cost anywhere from $20-$60, depending on the accessory you want. If you just want different grips or a carpet to put under the rowing machine, those can cost $20-$40.

Rowing machine cushions can range in the $40-$60 range, depending on the quality of the cushion.

Common Questions About indoor rowing accessories

Is rowing a good workout?

Rowing is a total-body workout, strengthening major muscle groups in your arms, legs, and core and increasing cardiovascular endurance. In short, if you consistently use the rowing machine, you’ll notice that you’ll become stronger and less out of breath. You may even notice some muscle gain.

Is rowing recommended for plantar fasciitis injuries?

Any type of rowing is a great way to work out when you have plantar fasciitis. Most gyms (especially CrossFit gyms) have rowing machines, which involve pulling on a handle to spin a flywheel. Actual rowing in a boat or kayaking is also a great exercise that is easy on the feet.

Does a rowing machine help lose belly fat?

Rowing can help you burn calories, leading to weight loss is accompanied by an overall caloric deficit. However, targeted fat loss is not controllable, so burning belly fat specifically will come down to factors like genetics, not the type of exercise you’re doing.

What do you put under Concept 2 rower?

The Indoor Rower Floor Mat is made out of 3/16 inch (4.5 mm) thick black synthetic rubber (PVC) and measures 8.2 feet by 2.6 feet (250 cm by 80 cm). The mat can be used on any surface and helps protect the floor and eliminate slippage.

Is a belt or chain better for rowing machines?

Chains are going to be stronger and more durable. Chains will also be noisier and require maintenance in the form of routine lubrication. Belts aren’t quite as strong as chains (even though they are still extremely strong), and belts will be less noisy. Belts won’t require any maintenance, either.

Is magnetic or air rower better?

An air rower is a great fit if you’re looking for a basic machine with unlimited resistance levels. If you want a home rowing machine that’s more high-tech and/or the ability to control resistance levels, a magnetic rowing machine is the better choice.

Is water or magnetic rower better?

A water rower is ideal if you’re looking to get in the most challenging workout possible. They’re also preferable if you want the most durable rowers out there. However, if you want a rowing machine that is more affordable, space-saving, and/or quiet, then a magnetic rowing machine is best.

What is the best resistance for a rowing machine?

Generally, that is between 4.5 to 6.5 on the resistance setting; however, every machine varies, so it’s a good idea to calibrate the drag factor each time you use the erg to work out. To do this, follow these simple steps: Sit on the erg and prepare to start rowing.

What are the most popular Concept2 accessories?

If you own a Concept2 rower, there are accessories specifically for Concept2 rowing machines. Among the most popular concept 2 accessories, we have the chain oil and heart rate monitor.

  • Buying a container of Concept2 chain oil will be the most important purchase with your rowing machine. The Concept2 Rowing Machine requires very little maintenance, with the only real requirements being to wipe the entire machine down after use (especially the seat rail) and oiling the chain.
  • Being able to track your heart rate to effectively work out in different target zones is extremely beneficial. Training without knowing your heart rate can almost be like running blind. It is one of the most useful pieces of data you can use and analyze.

Can rowing machines go on carpet?

Fabric carpets can be helpful when using rowing machines, as it reduces the amount of noise created when in use.

It can also help prevent the machine from making markings on the floor if your floor is non-carpeted, and a carpet can help soak up sweat from using the machine and make it more stable.

You’ll also have to clean the carpet frequently after it absorbs sweat and gets dirty, which can be tedious. Synthetic mats designed for rowing machines may be the better option as they can be cleaned easily and won’t deteriorate as fast as when using the machine.

Enjoy Your New Rowing Machine Accessories

Remember, when you combine a rower machine with rowing machine accessories, you add a whole new variation to your workouts, helping you achieve your goals faster; you can be certain that indoor rowing accessories will boost comfortability and will improve your rowing experience.

So there you have it; with the top reviews and options in this guide, we hope your hunt for the best rower accessories gets easier and that you can make the right choice for you and your fitness goals.

Feel free to reach out and send us your messages with questions, suggestions, or comments you may have! We are always here for you.


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Photo of author
Emily Brown is a fitness expert based in San Francisco who studied kinesiology at San Francisco State University. is her platform for offering workout routines, product reviews, and expert advice for creating a home gym, with the goal of helping people achieve their fitness goals from the comfort of their own home. Emily's vision is to create a community where people can share their experiences, ask questions, and connect with others who are passionate about fitness and health. With her team of experienced writers and contributors, she strives to provide a comprehensive resource for all things related to home fitness, catering to both beginners and experienced athletes.